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P.I.P.P.A's services are now being undertaken by Pembrokeshire FRAME. The booking or wheelchairs and equipment can now be done via the new contact details listed above.

P.I.P.P.A. @FRAME is a charitable company limited by guarantee. FRAME provides a real supported working environment for individuals with disabilities including mental ill health, learning difficulties and those socially disadvantaged and/or excluded. To find out more about FRAME please visit our website Here


PIPPA Post is currently on hold. You can download previous issues of the PIPPA post using the links below:

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Summer 2011 Issue of Pippa_Post out!

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April 2011: Chunky Chips & Chunky Handles

P.I.P.P.A. encourages all cafes, bars, restaurants, B&Bs, etc, to purchase just a few sets of cutlery with chunky handles. And if you do, we'll list your establishment in our Information area, just as we list accessible beaches and taxis.


Because many people with dexterity problems (whose hands don't move or grip easily) find it difficult to dine in establishments whose cutlery is very slim - because thin knives and forks are very hard to hold. This means that even though parking, toilets and so many better-publicised issues have been dealt with, one's food can go cold while one struggles.

"We don't mean that you provide cutlery with those unhygienic foam handles, just with thicker, more cylindrical handles that offer better grip," explains Nikki, the Information Manager. "All we would ask is that you keep 2 or 3 sets of cutlery with chunky handles and perhaps note on your menus that sets are available on request. You can ask your equipment suppliers if they carry such stock or even contact your local mobility shops, chemists and pharmacists."

She has produced a leaflet about our mini-campaign - you can download it here (a JPEG file, 1/3 of an A4 page). Do please give one to your local eating establishments; you can drop by P.I.P.P.A.'s office or our stand at public events to pick up some paper copies.

April 2011: P.I.P.P.A. has a web forum!

Nikki had the idea that it would be wonderful to get the whole county talking about what disabled people need in Pembrokeshire, what should change, what we want to know, where we can find this and that equipment or information, things we can all do.

So we have set up a discussion forum (click to take a look!).

To join in any discussions, all you need to do is click "register" and choose yourself a username and password. (At the moment you'll have to wait for one of us to approve you to keep the spammers out, but you shouldn't have to wait too long.) We hope that anyone with, or interested in, any disability will join - we also ask any related charity to join in too, so we can all share lots of information. We will be looking after the forum to ensure it is a pleasant and useful place for people to be.

We know it is not everyone's cup of tea but everybody on the Internet was a beginner once, so please have a go. If you are totally new to such things there are lots of instructions and we will be happy to help you with it!





August 2010: Thank you Pembrokeshire Mobility Centre!

Pembrokeshire Care and Mobility has just become Pembrokeshire Care - the mobility people have had to close. On their last day, Friday 27th August, they invited us to come and see if we'd like to take any equipment they hadn't been able to sell.

Alice travelled up at 5pm, to give everything a chance to sell off, and Stephanie showed her what remained. It took two car journeys to get it all to the PIPPA office! We now have a new wheelchair, walking frame, bath lift, raised toilet seats, and other handy bits and bobs such as ferrules (the rubber "feet" for walking sticks) . . .

And now we have some new stock for our inventory, including:

  • Perching chairs
  • Transfer boards and banana boards (for sliding from one seat to another)
  • Bath chairs
  • Trolley walker with 2 trays
  • Transfer turntables
  • Wheelchair lap tray
  • Crutch bags to put on scooters

A massive thank you to Stephanie and all the rest of the staff at Pembrokeshire Mobility for this wonderful generosity. We're bound to find lots of use for all of them!

Here is just some of our new stock out in the sun! Also admired by Gareth:


We would like to thank all those recipients of the latest edition of the P.I.P.P.A. Post for their kind donations, we appreciate your kind thoughts very much.