Market Place

If you have any items of disability equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters and other items you can advertise them on this page.  Contact us by phone or e-mail (details on contact page) and give us the details of the items you want to sell.

P.I.P.P.A. cannot guarantee the availability or condition of the items for sale by third parties on this site.

We can currently sell the following items:

RADAR keys, for disabled toilets around the U.K.: £3.00 each


Disability stickers for your car at 75p - £3.00 each depending on type

Sticker: "Disabled Passenger"Sticker: "Disabled"Sticker: "Disabled"

Sticker: "Disabled Driver"

Sticker: "Please Don't Park Too Close - Wheelchair Access Needed"

Sticker: "Please leave room for door to be opened wide"