Chunky Cutlery

For anyone with manual dexterity problems, eating out can be tricky when the knives, forks and spoons are too narrow to grip and hold steady. At P.I.P.P.A. where some of our staff have experienced this, we have launched a mini-campaign to encourage food-serving establishments (cafes, pubs, restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts) to have a couple of sets of chunky cutlery which are easier to hold! They need not be specialist, or many. Just a few, and a notice up or a note on your menu to let people know to ask for these.

If you take up this scheme we will list you here on our website.

Welcome and congratulations to the first - Morawel Bed & Breakfast, Fishguard. We hope to include many more nearer to the time.

Please download a copy of our leaflet, or read the article on Page 2 of the Spring 2011 PIPPA Post.

If you'd like to pick up some paper copies please call round to our office or see us at a public event!

PIPPA's Chunky Cutlery Leaflet